Meet The Pietracupa’s

This family of 3 are loving their life and the fun and freedom that comes along with being part of the #StayHomeClub .

They have been a part of the club since 2015.  Aren’t they just one of the cutest little families ever!

Milan, Breanna and sweet ‘lil Harper have been homeowners since 2015.  They are currently in their second home and loving it.  The best part about being homeowners is having their own space that they can call “theirs” and being able to make their house the HOME they want it to be.

I asked Milan and Bre what their favourite thing to do at home was. 

It’s decorating and reorganizing their home, as well as home renovation projects.  I have been to their home and Bre definitely has that special “knack” for interior design.  I can attest, you feel so welcome in their space.

The best thing about their community, the City Of Maple Ridge, is that it’s quiet.  It’s relaxing and easy to unwind. The Peitracupa’s feel very lucky to have a lot of trails and outdoor activities to enjoy as a family.

Want to know more about Maple Ridge?  Click here

The Pietracupa’s definitely have some great advice for First Time Homebuyers.

Plan Ahead. Set a 5 year goal. Where do I see yourself in five years? What type of house do you want to be in now? Will it meet your needs in the next 5 years? What are your wants and needs in a home?

Let’s talk home organization.  The Pietracupa’s suggest trying to be more minimalists.  It definitely helps having OCD at times !!!

Funny Stay Home Club moment … You bet.  Setting the scene here.  Picture brand new area rug Vs. new daddy changing newborn diaper on the rug … Know where we’re going with this …? It was a very messy situation when all was said and done.  Diaper 1, New Daddy + Rug 0.  LOL!